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Name : Sandy Hugill
MG Spouse : Scot Barco
Title : Director of Publicity
Home : Arlington, Virgenia, United States United States
Countries Completed : Bahamas Bahamas, Cayman Islands Cayman Islands, Germany Germany, Ireland Ireland, Jersey Jersey, Scotland Scotland, United States United States
No of Countries : 7
No of Continent(s) : 2
Member Type : Provisional
Blog :

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Name : Anders Forselius
Title : International Ambassadors - Northern Europe
Home : Sweden Sweden
Countries Completed :
Argentina Argentina, Australia Australia, Austria Austria, Bahrain Bahrain, Belgium Belgium, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, Costa Rica Costa Rica, Croatia Croatia, Curaçao Curaçao, Cyprus Cyprus, Czech Republic Czech Republic, Denmark Denmark, England England, Estonia Estonia, Finland Finland, France France, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hungary Hungary, Iceland Iceland, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Italy Italy, Jamaica Jamaica, Japan Japan, Jersey Jersey, Latvia Latvia, Lithuania Lithuania, Luxembourg Luxembourg, Macau Macau, Macedonia Macedonia, Malaysia Malaysia, Malta Malta, Monaco Monaco, Netherlands Netherlands, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Norway Norway, Oman Oman, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal, Qatar Qatar, Scotland Scotland, Serbia Serbia, Singapore Singapore, Slovakia Slovakia, South Africa South Africa, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, Switzerland Switzerland, Thailand Thailand, Turkey Turkey, Ukraine Ukraine, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, United States United States, Uruguay Uruguay
No of Countries : 57
No of Continent(s) : 6
Member Type : 5 Flags
Blog :


Name : Hideki "Kino" Kinoshital
Title : Former Director of Electronic Media (2014-2015)
Home : New York, New York, United States United states
Countries Completed : Australia Australia, Bahamas Bahamas, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, Germany Germany, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Italy Italy, Japan Japan, Scotland Scotland, South Africa South Africa, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, United States United States
No of Countries : 12
No of Continent(s) : 6
Member Type : 1 flag
Blog :

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