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Steven "Thunder" Lee

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Name : Steven "Thunder" Lee
Title : Director of Electronic Media
Home : New York, New York, United States United States
Membership Date : 2014-02-21
Membership : Full
Number of Flag(s) : 1
Number of Continents Completed : 7
Continents Completed : Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
Seven Continents Finisher : Yes
Number of Countries Completed : 16
Countries Completed : Antarctica Antarctica, Australia Australia, Bahamas Bahamas, Bermuda Bermuda, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, France France, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Italy Italy, Peru Peru, Scotland Scotland, South Africa South Africa, Thailand Thailand, Turkey Turkey, United States United States
Blog :
Last Update Date : 2016-03-08

Steven T Lee is an Information Technology consultant from New York City, NY. Most of his friend call him by "Thunder". He started running after 2001 and he ran his first marathon, New York City marathon in 2006.

Since 2006, Thunder has completed over 120 marathons or longer and some of his accomplishments were:

  • He ran marathons under 4 hours in all 50 States plus DC and his 50th state was in 2012 Honolulu Marathon, HI.
  • He has completed over 19 ultra marathons including running three 100 miles under 24 hours.
  • He has completed multiple distance triathlon races including three Ironman events
  • He has over 105 marathons with 16 countries and he is a 7 continents finisher.(
  • He ran Boston Marathon in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

He enjoys most of the races and they're unique in their own way but some of his favorite races are Comrades Marathon(South Africa), Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon, which he has run eight times so far. His toughest marathon race to date is Inca Trail Marathon, Machu Picchu, Peru and it took him over 11 hours to complete while suffering from high elevation and a leg injury during the race.

When he is not running, swimming or cycling, he enjoys traveling, eating and drinking, and reading. He enjoys helping other runners and is a regular volunteer pacer in the local races. He enjoys meeting runners all over the world and make a few good friends while running around the world.