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Sandy Hugill

Meet Your Officer

Name : Sandy Hugill
MG Spouse : Scot Barco
Title : Director of Publicity
Home : Arlington, Virgenia, United States United States
Membership Date : 2015-01-23
Membership : Provisional
Number of Flag(s) : 0
Number of Continents Completed : 2
Continent Completed : Europe, North America
Seven Continents Finisher : No
Number of Countries Completed : 7
Countries Completed : Bahamas Bahamas, Cayman Islands Cayman Islands, Germany Germany, Ireland Ireland, Jersey Jersey, Scotland Scotland, United States United States
Last Update Date : 2016-03-08

Sandy Hugill and Scot Barco live in Arlington, Virginia, USA just outside Washington DC. They are a Marathon Globetrotters husband and wife duo, with Barco qualifying as a provisional member at the annual meeting in Jersey. Sandy qualified at the previous meeting in the Bahamas and was recently elected as the club’s new Director of Publicity. They are also both 50 states finishers and Titanium level Marathon Maniacs. What they don’t have in speed, they make up for in spirit.

Barco and Sandy had an all-marathon courtship. They met early in 2012 on the course of a marathon (George Washington Birthday Marathon in Greenbelt, Maryland USA), were engaged later that year at another marathon (Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA), and were married only three weeks later at the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii USA. Here, they enjoyed the first few miles of the race at a leisurely pace, touring Honolulu’s holiday lights while they waited for the sun to rise. Then they were wed in a short ceremony on Waikiki Beach, near the 10K mark. Their honeymoon lasted for the next 20 miles, which they took nice and easy and enjoyed the scenery.

Sandy was the first of the couple to become a marathoner. In 2005 she ran the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana USA (now the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon). Even though she ran on an injury and finished at the back of the pack, she quickly signed up for the 2005 Dublin Marathon eight months later, and greatly improved her time. She ran two more marathons in 2006 and then took a several-year break to nurse an injury and to focus on other pursuits.

Barco ran his first marathon in 2008 at the Outer Banks Marathon in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina USA. He has been a streaker at that race ever since. For the first few years of his marathon career Barco ran a couple races a year, all in North America. He enjoys the feeling of satisfaction for going the marathon distance, and not giving up in spite of fatigue, injury, harsh weather or mental exhaustion. He also loves to inspire first-timers he meets on marathon courses and rarely runs a race without making a new friend.

It was natural for the pair to meet up in 2012, as that’s when they both went a little crazy and started running several marathons in a year. For the next few years, marathon travel took them all across the United States (Barco finished his 50 states in 2014, and Sandy finished in 2015), into Canada (Barco), the Caribbean (Sandy) and Europe (both). As provisional members who do not have an unlimited income, it may take a couple more years for these two to earn their first flag in Marathon Globetrotters, but they’ll get there eventually. The couple plans to run the 2016 Tokyo Marathon, bringing them one step closer.

When they are not running or traveling, Barco and Sandy make time for other activities. Barco enjoys music and photography and is a dedicated listener of public radio. Sandy is an avid reader, a bit of a vegetarian foodie, and likes to sample craft beer (her favorite pre- and post-race drink). She has a running blog: The couple has three very spoiled rescue cats: Willie, Grayson and Boo.