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Richard Holmes

Meet Your Officer

Name : Richard "Rich" Holmes
Title : Former Director of Membership (2015-2016), Former President (2014-2015)
Home : Durham, NC, United States USA
Membership Date : 2014-02-14
Membership : Full
Number of Flag(s) : 7
Number of Continents Completed : 7
Continents Completed : Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
Seven Continents Finisher : Yes
Number of Countries Completed : 78
Countries Completed : Antarctica Antarctica, Argentina Argentina, Australia Australia, Austria Austria, Bahamas Bahamas, Barbados Barbados, Belgium Belgium, Belize Belize, Bermuda Bermuda, Bhutan Bhutan, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, Cayman Islands Cayman Islands, Chile Chile, China China, Colombia Colombia, Costa Rica Costa Rica, Croatia Croatia, Cuba Cuba, Cyprus Cyprus, Czech Republic Czech Republic, Ecuador Ecuador, Egypt Egypt, England England, Estonia Estonia, Finland Finland, France France, French Polynesia French Polynesia, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Greenland Greenland, Grenada Grenada, Guernsey Guernsey, Haiti Haiti, Iceland Iceland, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Italy Italy, Jamaica Jamaica, Japan Japan, Jersey Jersey, Latvia Latvia, Malta Malta, Mauritius Mauritius, Mexico Mexico, Mongolia Mongolia, Morocco Morocco, Myanmar Myanmar, Netherlands Netherlands, New Zealand New Zealand, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Peru Peru, Philippines Philippines, Portugal Portugal, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Russian Federation Russian Federation, Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis, Scotland Scotland, Singapore Singapore, Slovakia Slovakia, Slovenia Slovenia, South Africa South Africa, South Korea South Korea, Spain Spain, Suriname Suriname, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden Sweden, Taiwan Taiwan, Tanzania Tanzania, Thailand Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia Tunisia, Turkey Turkey, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, United States United States, Uruguay Uruguay, Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S., Wales Wales
Last Update Date : 2016-03-08

Rich Holmes is a retired U.S. Army colonel, who still works as a consultant. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife Jeanne. Rich and Jeanne have two daughters, Kathleen and Siobhan.

Rich has been an avid runner for nearly four decades. Since 1977, he’s run over 87,000 miles. That includes 20,744 miles during a running streak of 2,490 consecutive days. One of his lifetime goals is to run 100,000 miles.

Rich has run over 480 marathons and ultras. That ranks him 31st all-time among U.S. runners and 158th in the world. In the United States, he’s run at least four marathons in all 50 states plus DC. He’s close to completing a fifth circuit of the states. In Canada, he set a world record as the first person to run at least three marathons in every province or territory. Internationally, he’s run marathons in more than 50 countries, and has run at least four marathons on every continent.

In 2014, Rich ran marathons on all seven continents and on islands in every ocean.

Rich’s wife Jeanne and daughter Kathleen also run. Jeanne has cut back from marathons to half marathons. She’s run over 90 half marathons. While Rich was running Marathon Bahamas, Jeanne ran the half marathon. Kathleen is also a Marathon Globetrotter, having run marathons in 13 countries.