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Hartanto Bahari Ng

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Name : Hartanto Bahari Ng
Home : Jakarta, IndonesiaIndonesia
Membership Date : 2016-02-17
Membership : Provisional
Number of Flag(s) : 0
Number of Continents Completed : 4
Continents Completed : Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania
Seven Continents Finisher : No
Number of Countries Completed : 7
Countries Completed : Australia Australia, France France, Germany Germany, Indonesia Indonesia, Japan Japan, Singapore Singapore, United States United States
Last Update Date : 2016-07-28

(Written in Ellianah’s voice) I started to run on 2011, after I felt envy when my husband got his first medal from participating in OCBC Cycling in Singapore with my son Ryan (20 years old). I wanted a medal too. So I signed up for Trail Run 12km in Singapore to get my first medal in running and continued to run until now, and husband followed (he doesn't want me to have more medals than him).

Our first Marathon was a year after we started running. We ran our first marathon in Singapore Sundown Marathon in 2012. Our second marathon was Tokyo Marathon 2013 where Hartanto got a PB. After that:

  • Third marathon was Berlin Marathon 2013
  • Fourth marathon was Paris Marathon 2014
  • Fifth Marathon was Chicago Marathon 2014
  • Sixth Marathon was London Marathon 2015

My husband became an official Jakarta Marathon Pacer for 4hour 30 minutes in 2015, so he took 7 Marathons. I was pacer 2:15 for half marathon at that time.

We train under the same running club called Senayan Runner. By doing sport together I feel that our relationship is even closer than before. We motivate each other in performing better in running and we enjoy travelling around the world and have quality time together. This year 2016, we are planning to run Gold Coast Marathon, Australia and New York Marathon, so 2 more marathons coming this year.

After we did several marathons, we began searching for variety so we began triathlons in 2014. My husband became a Full Ironman last year in Busselton, Western Australia December 2015, and I finished 70.3 Ironman in Cebu, Philippines 2015.

We are married for 21 years already (1995) and have three sons: Ryan Ng (20) who studies at Boston University, USA now; Raymond Ng (18) and Rick Ng (15) study in Hwachong International School in Singapore. So all our sons study abroad since many years ago, allowing us to have more time to concentrate on our career and training. We are really proud with our hobbies together, many of our old friends really envy to see us fit and look so much younger compared to our age.