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Douglas John Thompson

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Name : Douglas John Thompson
Home : Morganton, NC, United States United States
Membership Date : 2015-08-24
Membership : Full
Number of Flag(s) : 1
Number of Continents Completed : 7
Continents Completed : Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
Seven Continents Finisher : Yes
Number of Countries Completed : 10
Countries Completed : Antarctica Antarctica, Australia Australia, Cambodia Cambodia, Canada Canada, Chile Chile, Costa Rica Costa Rica, Greece Greece, Peru Peru, South Africa South Africa, United States United States
Last Update Date : 2016-12-21

I am married with 2 children ages 17 and 15. My family has traveled with me to all 7 continents. I am a medical oncologist living in Morganton, NC. I ran my first marathon in 2002 and currently have run 97 marathons/ultras including all 7 continents and the North Pole as well as all 50 states and DC. I run many of my races for cancer charities including the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and the American Cancer society. I have run all ultra distances including 3 100 mile races. Some of my favorites include the Inca trail marathon, The Atacama Crossing and Comrades marathon. I have also raced numerous triathlons and Ironman races including the Hawaii World Championship.

I love travel and experiencing new places, cultures and environments. I have run in the mountains, the desert, the arctic and the jungle. My favorite is the mountains. I also enjoy meeting people from all around the world with the same passion for travel and running. I average a marathon or ultra race a month including 2-3 international races a year. I look forward to meeting other marathon globetrotters at future races. My next international race is the Petra marathon in Jordan in 2017.