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David Holmen

Meet Your Officer

Name : David Holmen
Title : Former Director of Publicity (2014-2015)
Home : Eagan, MN, United States United States
Membership Date : 2014-02-20
Membership : Full
Number of Flag(s) : 2
Number of Continents Completed : 4
Continents Completed : Africa, Asia, Europe, North America
Seven Continents Finisher : No
Number of Countries Completed: 21
Countries Completed : Austria Austria, Bahamas Bahamas, Cayman Islands Cayman Islands, Costa Rica Costa Rica, England England, France France, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Iceland Iceland, Ireland Ireland, Italy Italy, Japan Japan, Mexico Mexico, Norway Norway, Portugal Portugal, Scotland Scotland, South Africa South Africa, Sweden Sweden, Switzerland Switzerland, Turkey Turkey, United States United States
Blog :
Last Update Date : 2016-03-08

David Holmen is a semi-retired software engineer. He no longer works full-time, but still does occasional contract work for a former employer, when they need his help. He lives in Eagan, MN with his wife Deb. David and Deb don’t have any children. They have two cats.

David has been running marathons since 1983. He started out running one or two a year. In 1998, he set a goal of running marathons in every U.S. state. After completing that goal in 2010, he set the bar a little higher. He repeated eight states to get times under four hours, becoming the 17th “50sub4” finisher. Since then, he’s set the bar higher still, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in all 50 states plus DC.

It wasn’t until 2010, after finishing his first 50 states circuit, that David ran his first international marathon. He couldn’t resist running in the Athens Classic Marathon when they were celebrating the 2,500 year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. Since then he’s added two to five new countries each year. He’s run marathons in 16 countries on four continents.

David has run over 250 marathons or ultras, running Boston qualifying times in roughly half of his marathons. David is “old-school,” setting time goals in most of his races. He likes to bring his best efforts to international races.

David’s marathon PR is 2:58. His ultramarathon PRs include 50 miles in 7:24, 100 miles in 18:09 and 124.81 miles in 24 hours.

Deb doesn’t run, but often volunteers at races where David is running.