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Camila Urdaneta Santa

Meet Your Ambassador

Name : Camila Urdaneta Santa
Title : International Ambassador - South America
Home : Bogotá, Colombia Colombia
Membership Date : 2015-12-13
Membership : Provisional
Number of Flag(s) : 0
Number of Continents Completed : 3
Continent completed : Europe, North America, South America
Seven Continents Finisher : No
Number of Countries Completed : 5
Countries Completed : Canada Canada, Colombia Colombia, Curaçao Curaçao, Germany Germany, United States United States
Last Update Date : 2016-03-08

Camila is a passionate Colombian born in Bogotá. Colombia was not always a running country, and neither was Camila a running person. After twenty years of being a completely sedentary person and not practicing any sports whatsoever, one lonely and sunny afternoon when everything seemed to be falling apart, she felt like she wanted to flee from everything, to run away. And that’s exactly what she did: run. Needles to say, she ran for 100 meters and walked out of breath most of the time… It took her around an hour and a half to finish the loop she went for. At that time she didn’t know that the loop was 7 kilometers long with a total ascent of 200 meters.

Being completely inexperienced, she took completing this loop in less and less time as a challenge. After a while she signed up for a 10k Nike race. She didn’t know what 10km meant or how much would it take her to finish it, but she jumped in, confident in her mountain training. It took her 51 minutes to finish and she absolutely loved the racing vibe, and was now hooked!

Slowly but surely she began getting more and more involved in the running culture, and it was not long before she ran her first half marathon and her first marathon in Miami in January 2010. Camila’s greatest passion in life is traveling and getting to know other cultures, so she tries to combine her two passions by running marathons in different countries every time. By now she has run more than 55 races including more than 20 half marathons, one IRONMAN 70.3 (yes, she is now into triathlons too) and 6 marathons in Miami, Paris, Paipa (a small town in Colombia), Berlin, Toronto and Curacao where, after being the first female finishing the race, she met the Globetrotters.

Camila is an avid traveler and after finishing her B.A. in mathematics she backpacked on her own for 4 months throughout South America, passionate about her culture, her role as the region’s Ambassador is to bring more Latin flavor into the group and promote all what this wonderful region has to offer regarding races and tourism. An adventurer by heart, she hasn’t found her ideal job, so after trying Academia in Math, teaching and insurance, she is now working as a Tour Leader taking foreigners traveling around Colombia. She doesn’t know what the future holds and where will she end, but one thing is for sure: running is her inseparable partner.

Her midterm sports goals are running at least 4 more marathons in different countries to become a full member and finishing a complete IRONMAN. It has been 9 years after that lonely afternoon when she wanted to flee from everything and went running for it, now she doesn’t conceive her life without sports for they keep her motivated and connect her all the time with interesting people all round the world.